Who We Are

Developing the next generation of professional football players

XL@Football is a player centric professional football club for female players The development of each individual player is at the centre of all that we do, enabling us to tailor individual development plans for each player. This unique approach has enabled us to enhance our players progress, allowing them to achieve and exceed their goals. We are proud that many of our academy players have gone on to sign for professional football clubs around the country.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to play intelligent possession based attacking football.

To achieve this, we operate a ‘player-centred’ approach that delivers expert coaching and guidance on a more individual basis, so that every player can learn and develop at their own pace over the long term.

We create a professional environment where our players are encouraged to experiment and be creative and have no fear of failure in order to develop their technique and decision making.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to develop each and every player to reach their maximum potential as a player and as a person. XL@Football understands the uniqueness of each player and as such we understand that no two players develop identically. As such our Continual Player Development cycle is tailored to each individual player whilst understanding their needs and requirements and ensuring collectively we reach their potential.

Our Methodology

XL@Football have created a paradigm shift in how footballers can and should be developed. Our methodology has been carefully created in consultation with professional football players, coaches, and managers in order to maximise player progression, development and success.

During the Analysis phase XL@Football analysts will review footage of the player in games and training to understand their strengths and identify areas for further development. We not only analyse the players technical, tactical and physical attributes but we will also assess other important characteristics such as to their physiological traits, emotional responses, etc.
Detailed plans will then be delivered with the player. The plans will be fully documented and shared with the player, coaches, and other parties who are key to the players development. Plans will be uploaded onto the XL@Football player portal and progress recorded.
The Coach phase of the development cycle is where our professional football coaches will work with the player to implement the agreed development plan, providing guidance and advice on all aspects to maximise success in achieving the targets set.
This is one of the most important phases of the development cycle and requires the players to dedicate hours of practice away from their coaches in order to hone their skills and understanding.
Reviews of progress will take place on a regular basis and involve many different people in order to form a complete 360 view of the players development. Self-review is an important part of this process and players will be challenges to regularly reflect on their development and progress.
Coaches will provide continual feedback to the players and parents, reviewing the objectives set, why they were set, progress made and next steps. The feedback from all parties will then flow back into the Analysis phase where the process continues onto the next cycle.


Player Attributes
XL@Football Academy players must show the following key player attributes:
Desire – the desire to learn, develop, progress and achieve.
Dedication – be dedicated to the tasks and targets that they are set.
Standards – to maintain high professional standards on and off the pitch.
Attitude – to possess a can do attitude to everything they are challenged with.
Respect – to peers, opposition, coaches and all interactions with people.