Player Portal

Our high-tech ‘Player Development Portal’ will allow the players to access their match and training data with a click of a button. The player development portal is a great way to keep players engaged and involved in all the stages of the learning. Players will start to find out more about their own skillset and start to identify their strengths but also areas where they can improve. This player portal will give players constant feedback and guidance on how to improve and will give them the sense of ownership and control over their own learning.
Players and parents will be able to view their training and match video footage via the player development portal. Their coaches can comment and leave feedback that can be viewed, this will allow coaches and players to capture and review moments in the game where players have performed well and developed, this tool can also help highlight areas that players could also improve on. Providing players with the tools to be able to reflect on their own performances through video footage will enhance the quality of the players development and help players become more aware of moments in the game that could have had different outcomes. This tool will allow coaches to decrease the amount of interventions needed when coaching which will allow the players to have more minutes on the training pitch, any moments that didn’t get discussed and reviewed at training can be highlighted in the player development portal.
The GPS tracking system will allow players and coaches to access live performance data such as distance covered, speed, number of sprints and many more metrics. This will be used at training and matches to measure performances and to develop a comprehensive understand of our players to tailor training appropriately to develop the players as best we can. The data will be fed into our player development portal for players to view and compare data with other players. This technology will be seen at a large number of elite clubs such as Manchester United, Liverpool, US Soccer, Ireland Rugby and many more.