Experience professional academy life at XL@Football whilst learning and evolving as a player and person.
Pre Academy / Foundation Phase
Ages 4-11
We encourage our Pre Academy players to be creative, experiment, make decisions and to learn from mistakes. We develop their game understanding and intelligence, preparing them for academy level football.
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Youth Development Phase
Ages 12-16
Building on the core skills and attributes players have learnt in the Foundation Phase, our coaching staff will further develop players game understanding, tactical decision making and understanding of movement on, around and away from the ball. We further develop their player intelligence in possession, out of possession and in transition, looking to build well rounded intelligent football players.
Professional Development Phase
Ages 17-21
As players move into the Professional Development Phase it is important that support and development continues in order to maintain progression into senior football. Many players can struggle with the transition to senior football and the different demands it places on individuals who are used to a more sheltered setting in academy football. XL@Football supports players in this transition to ensure that the progress fully into a senior football setting in a successful manner.


Mission Statement

It is our mission to develop each and every player to reach their maximum potential as a player and as a person. XL@Football understands the uniqueness of each player and as such we understand that no two players develop identically. As such our Continual Player Development cycle is tailored to each individual player whilst understanding their needs and requirements and ensuring collectively we reach their potential.

Player Attributes
XL@Football Academy players must show the following key player attributes:
Desire – the desire to learn, develop, progress and achieve.
Dedication – be dedicated to the tasks and targets that they are set.
Standards – to maintain high professional standards on and off the pitch.
Attitude – to possess a can do attitude to everything they are challenged with.
Respect – to peers, opposition, coaches and all interactions with people.